State machine code generator & state diagram editor

State machine code generator

StateBuilderCpp, StateBuilderDotNet and StateBuilderJava are state machine code generators, they transforms a state machine description into an extended version of the state pattern respectively in C++, C# and Java.

The state machine description, also known as state machine model, is written in a simple XML format, that is both human readable and writable.

State diagram editor

The state diagram editor helps to visualize and edit a state machine description, the same used by the state machine code generators.

Unlike traditional UML state diagram tools, the layout is done automatically, there is no need to place and move states.

Transitions are not represented by an array, but by a table, this allows to optimize the space on the diagram. Complex state machine can be easily displayed.

Try the state diagram editor online edition or download the desktop application bundled with the state machine code generators

State Diagram Editor screenshoot